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MYC attends Green Party Campaigner Event

On the 9th of November 2019, Marketing Lead, Hannah Goodwill, MYP Oliver Branch and Member, Anna Muchardt attended the Green Party campaigner and extinction rebellion spokesperson, Dr. Rupert Read’s talk on Climate change at MidKent College where he delivered a question: “Climate and ecological collapse?”

Here, he addressed the metaphor that as a society, humans are on the edge of a cliff and if we do not address that climate change is an issue than we shall fall off of the cliff and society shall collapse. Climate change was deemed as a massive threat and Dr. Read gave factors that skyrocket carbon emissions, he also mentioned what steps members of society should do to decrease these emissions. Dr. Read also discussed the date of when climate change should no longer be a threat and when the government has achieved this, he stated that this date should be 2025, not 2050 and that government should take this issue to drastic measures in order to reduce our society’s infrastructure from collapsing.

Rupert also answered questions addressed by the public, answering whether what they are doing is having a positive impact on the climate and what they could improve. He also highlighted the organisation, extinction rebellion and what their purpose is.

After the break, the audience heard from Medway’s Councillors where they discussed and what they plan to do when facing the issue of climate change.


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