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Medway Youth Council Training Programmes

Over the Summer, Youth Workers assisted in running training days for the Medway Youth Council, to teach and remind members of the issues in their community. These training sessions discussed domestic abuse and first aid.

The DAY programme is an insightful course used to teach people the signs of an abusive partner and an abusive relationship. Throughout the training, characteristics and personalities of abusive partners were discussed, to be able to identify possible red flags in relationships. For example, if your partner shows signs of emotional manipulation and degrading language, they are recognised as the "Head Worker" personality. Members were made aware that these personalities do not exist in isolation and were also informed of multiple ways of avoiding abusive relationships.

It was also identified that many young people have not had access to any first aid training and so a first aid session was run, to equip MYC members with these life-saving skills. The training covered how to asses situations, how to do CPR, how to do the recovery position, how to treat bleeds and burns, as well as dealing with shock and common medical conditions. This course enabled these young people to learn and understand what to do in an emergency - thus possibly saving lives.

Written by Arina Stelkomaite


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