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Christmas at MYC

What a great evening, in particular for my first ever meeting as a part of the council. I arrived with an open mind, and was pleasantly surprised with what I encountered. I remember I arrived early, and I was nervous about walking in on my own - I waited outside the door until someone else came and I walked in with them! But my nerves disappeared when I was welcomed by everyone, they were all so friendly and made me feel a part of the family in no time.

We began with an icebreaker, but it was better than you might think; we all sat in a circle around a pile of sweets, passing a die around. If we rolled a 6 we could take an item, and when they were all gone if we rolled again we could steal one item - I got pretty lucky, ending with a couple of things to my name. Following this, the chair lead a presentation containing all of the achievements of the council's paste year, which really gave an insight to me and the other newbies into what they really get up to. It was great to see and learn about the events which were held and the impacts that they had, and all that they worked on last year. After a little bit of food and chat, we sat back down for a christmas-themed quiz, which I rather liked and learned a few facts along the way (like who knew that Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ didn’t ever get to number 1 on the charts?).

Overall, the meeting was a great success, it was an enjoyable and fun evening, and I look forward to the forthcoming year as a new member of the council.

Joshua Kennard


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