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The new cabinet of 2019/2020

On July 22nd 2019, the cabinet changeover was complete as our members took over the full responsibilities of their respective positions. The elections for the new cabinet were overseen by our previous Chair, Thomas Baldock, who has now stood down from his role.

We are pleased to see a more widely diverse cabinet this year, particularly where we now have our first female Chair in at least five years. The cabinet will be meeting over the summer holidays to plan for our upcoming year, and our full council will begin preparing for our annual conference in November.

The new cabinet is as follows:

  • Anna McGovern (Organisation Chair, UKYP Representative & Overview and Scrutiny Representative)

  • Christina Arena (Vice Chair)

  • Ahsan Iftikhar (Campaign Lead)

  • Hannah Goodwill (Marketing Lead)

  • Archibald Bean (Digital Engagement Lead)

  • Oliver Tomlin (Democracy Engagement Lead)

  • Esme Hehir (Health Engagement Lead)

  • Oliver Branch (UKYP Representative & Overview and Scrutiny Representative)


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