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Meeting with Cllr Martin Potter!

On the 10th of June Councillor Martin Potter came to talk to the Youth Council to discuss concerns that some of them have about Discrimination and Racism that some of them have experienced in their schools. This was a chance for them to discuss these issues with Councillor Potter. He has taken on board what was said. Councillor Potter has also said that if the Youth Council would like to invite other Portfolio Holders to come and talk to them, then this too can be arranged.

He also got to talk to Ventsi one of Medway Youth Parliament Reps who spoke about a policy he would like to bring to the British Youth Council about his suggestions for the School Curriculum and spoke to the Treasurer of the Youth Council about the project they are undertaking with his school the St Joseph Williamson’s Maths school where they have donated money for tree planting. There will be one planted on the Mayors Lawn at Gun Wharf this November and other’s locations still to be decided


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