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Medway Pride 2022


On Saturday 20 th August 2022, Medway Youth council attended Medway Pride. For those

that are unaware, Pride is an outdoor event celebrating LGBTQ IA + rights, achievements

and acceptance. It was important for us to attend to show that we support everyone no

matter their gender or sexual orientation. It was an early morning but well worth the day

ahead. Thousands of people arrived to celebrate together and we are very grateful to have

been part of this amazing event. The parade through Rochester was quite the sight, with

many shops decorated in the rainbow flag. It was brilliant to see people of all ages coming

as one, wearing their flags, being their true self and overall having a great time! We were

able to meet many new organisations and contacts within our community, which we later

invited to attend some of our meetings. Altogether, it was a fantastic day and we look

forward to it coming back bigger and better next year!

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