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Medway Youth Council Annual Conference report praised by Medway Council

On 11th January our Chair and Deputy Chair presented our annual conference report to the Medway Council Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Bullying. The report was well received by members who thanked us for the report, and asked follow up questions in relation to the further actions of the report.

In response to MYC Annual Conference 2017 we are going to be running a campaign to directly address the issues discussed. We have put forward the following further actions:

MYC will produce literature around bullying, which will focus around the conference workshops to be shared on our website and through schools.

MYC will work with schools and Headteacher to produce a model anti-bullying policy which we will then encourage schools to adopt.

MYC will adapt the workshops provided at the annual conference into a series of resources which will be offered to schools.

MYC will work with Anti-Bullying Ambassadors across the Medway towns on their campaigns surrounding bullying.


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