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A guide for new members...

What is the Medway Youth Council?

Medway Youth Council is a youth organisation that works on the issues facing young people aged 11-18 and in Years 7-13.

We are based at Gun Wharf, Chatham which is the home of the Medway Council.

We work with youth groups across Medway to ensure our young people can have their voices heard, and we regularly consult with decision-makers where we can express the voice of young people.

What is the role of members?

Members represent the young people of Medway within their schools and other youth organisations.

Members work on a vast range of different projects being undertaken by MYC, such as our annual conference and more.

Members bring a variety of different interests and talents to support the work of MYC, such as marketing, campaigning, and digital skills.

If members want to campaign on a particular issue, they can bring their idea to the Campaign Lead who will support the member in developing a successful project.

Members frequently have opportunities to gain qualifications such as the Asdan Youth Representation Award, and invaluable voluntary experience which can be included in a CV, personal statement, and future careers.

We regularly attend events (e.g. Medway Mile) in support of Medway, representing young people to our wider community.

What are the benefits of Joining MYC?

If you aren’t sold already, our members can gain a variety of positive benefits from their time here.

- Improvements in confidence and self-esteem

- New friends

- New knowledge about their community

- Engaging learning about local and national government

- Opportunities such as trips and qualifications

- Meet and question community decision-makers

- Platform to campaign and share ideas

- Looks great on your CV and Personal Statement!

Our Social Media

The Medway Youth Council is prevalent on many social media platforms where we promote the work we are doing for the community. Please find these here:





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