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The New Cabinet of 2018/19

The elections for the new cabinet of 2018/19 have taken place and concluded at the last full council meeting chaired by George Perfect.

This years’ election marked the start of our organisation widening its democracy as we gave school councils and youth centres the opportunity to vote in these elections. Going forward we look forward to widening the franchise further. The cabinet will meet, during the summer, to plan for the upcoming year to continue the momentum with which George Perfect leaves.

The new cabinet is as follows:

  • Thomas Baldock (Organisation Chair & UKYP Representative)

  • Roli Enonuya (Deputy Chair & Overview and Scrutiny Representative)

  • Alexander Orlov-Holmes (Campaign Director)

  • Craig Liddell (Marketing and Fundraising Director)

  • Christina Arena (Democracy and Partnerships Officer)

  • Archie Bean (Digital Engagement Director)

  • Ore Emmanuel (National Engagement Director & UKYP Representative)

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