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MYC Meets with HMS Medway

Members of Medway Youth Council met with 1st Lieutenant John Mason from HMS Medway. This ship is a globally deployable resource used to enforce fisheries policies, support the border force and other similar duties that may be required of it. It can travel up to 26 knots and 5000 miles on a full tank carrying 40 crew.

Members were able to ask questions about careers in the Navy and discovered the application process, with interested individuals being able to approach their application officer or careers office to find out more information.

The 1st Lieutenant shared his own experiences in being overseas and the places that he has visited have been truly remarkable. Overall it was clear for us to see how rewarding a career can be in the navy.

Our Chair asked a question on mental health within the Navy and John Mason replied sharing his experience was positive with the services providing training to all those serving.

When asked if the Navy requires more ships we heard that the Government should provide more ships if it wants to meet the commitments that it has set out, otherwise there is not a problem over the quantity of ships. We also learnt of the process by which a government might deploy a navy vessel and the length of time it can take before a mission may take place.

At the end of our highly interesting and lengthy discussion the Medway Youth Council was presented with the crest of HMS Medway which we were delighted to receive.

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