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MYC Attends BYC Convention 3

Our Members of Youth Parliament Ore and Thomas attended their final British Youth Council Convention of their term. These are a chance to network with the South East MYP team and develop campaigning skills. Additionally MYP Candidate Riley attended the convention where he was able to develop his campaigning skills and learn more about the role.

MYP Candidates will be voted on by young people across Medway before the 2 elected members begin their office on March 1st.

Both Thomas and Ore have achieved a lot in their term. Ore served a 2 year term whereby he built links with the MYP team nationally helping to gain knowledge and tips that would help make the Medway team more effective. He produced surveys as part of the curriculum for life campaign.

Thomas served only a one year term and was elected last January. He campaigned hard for improvements to public transport. A campaign that saw over 100 young people participate in a survey with a report produced as well as a meeting with Arriva to lobby on the behalf of young people.

These are just a select few of their many achievements in this role and we encourage those interested to view their social media pages which document their journey.

We look forward to seeing the work of our two new MYPs later this year.

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