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My Medway Mile Experience

The Medway Mile took place on the 21st of July this year, lasting from 5PM to 9PM. Races for all ages as well as fun activities such as rock climbing were open to all. I and another MYC attendant would take place in the run, with the itself taking place along Brompton road and the running track in Medway park.

The MYC group would be found handing out t-shirts to all the runners, located amongst the other attractions of the evening such as a try out of wheel chair rugby and Judo. They also provided those participating with great amounts of moral support and the medals and refreshments to cool them off, there was lots cheering for the runners, joggers and walkers as they left the gates and crossed the finish line.

The many races like the mascot race made the whole event full of fun the and activities that took place made the event enjoyable for all.

Alfie Cameron


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