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Medway Youth Council New Chair

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. I am George Perfect the newly elected Chair of the Medway Youth Council for the 2017-18 year. The reason I am writing to you is to let you know that, as you may have noticed, our name has changed. We will now be known as Medway Youth Council. The new name will match our new image complete with a new logo and a brand-new website (kindly designed without charge by local business, Questor Insurance).

Medway Youth Council will be aiming to continue our drive to represent the young people of Medway through our mission statement “You may not have the vote, but you do have a voice”.

We have also revised our structure for the year ahead. Our campaigns will be more streamlined. We will have one main campaign for the year and one other campaign that will be selected by the Youth Council. This year’s main campaign will be around bullying. This will be our annual conference topic, which will in turn inform our campaign following this. We have also appointed one of our members as a new Partnerships Director, who will be engaging and setting up meetings between the Youth Council and our partners. This is in addition to our other cabinet positions which will remain the same although renamed, for example Deputy Chair, Marketing and Finance Director.

Our Medway representatives who sit on UK Youth Parliament will also be undertaking the annual Make your Mark ballot again this year, aiming to beat our 2016 total of 4388 votes cast. This is the biggest ballot of young people throughout the country. Our representatives will then debate and vote on these issues at the House of Commons annual sitting in November. This vote will determine which issues UKYP campaign on for the coming year. The 2016-17 campaigns focused on Votes at 16 and a Curriculum for Life.


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