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March Full Council Meeting

Members had a busy March at our full council meeting. We invited The Music Klub to attend, this organisation works to tackle crime through workshops that surround music. They presented their project to members who overall found it to be a very useful organisation and believe Medway would benefit from seeing it delivered locally.

Anna McGovern MYP also presented her campaign to raise awareness of Sexual Violence within Medway. This campaign had to meet the approval of the youth councillors before she was able to go forward in a move to make it democratic and provide it with legitimacy. 89% of members backed her campaign which she will be delivering during her time.

We also continue to work on our conference objectives and aims following our report which was published earlier this year.

Members were encouraged to ensure their schools were promoting the youth awards so that young people, and adults, in Medway could be recognised for their contribution.

We continue to welcome new people who may wish to get involved to attend our full council meetings!

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